Friday, January 20, 2017

NFL, Get to Canada. CFL, get to America

Are you not miffed as well that LA supposedly NEEDs two NFL teams???

Put the brakes on this London Jaguars stuff.  Move that puppy up north instead of across the long abyss. The CFL Saturdays and NFL can co-exist.

Surely, if I was all San Diego I'd be done with the league.  The Raiders, if stuck, would do well to rename themselves the California Raiders, or something cool and Vegas inclusive like the West Coast Raiders.  Oregon Raiders might be better than the current clutter.  Chargers, too.

But why not at least the Toronto Chargers?  I guess Oregon wouldn't have built them a stadium.  But at least if you're going to move, MOVE.  Next door???  That's terrible.  I hope people in San Diego have their dignity about the matter.  At least go away to the likes of Louisville for the separation.

CFL, why not an expansion including Portland and Louisville?  Worried it might not take in Portland?  Do the Oregon Express.  If that doesn't work, I'm sure there'll be takers.  Omaha Express, New Mexico Express or Idaho Express.  Maybe Vegas.

I like the sound of Kentucky Downs.

My idea of the Canadian team hopping CFL Fields seems tame enough.  TV money might beat $eats.

The Future of CFL Expansion/Relocation. In America?

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