Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 ProSportsExpansion Blog Year in Review

And for your interests and locales...... the Google search bar up above is much improved in 2016.

Vegas Golden Knights

There were two great outpourings of support.
Or at least two great showings in the expansion world this year.

Las Vegas and Cincinnati.  A city of Sin and Cin, if you will.

Vegas was the biggest winner winner chicken dinner of 2016, no doubt.  They've finally made it.  Quebec City is still in wait.  Now left for the Big Leagues, are the likes of Louisville and Austin lying in wait.

There has been talk of moving training camps (Browns); retraction of naming in claim (Lake Erie AHL hockey recoined Cleveland);

 Stadiums/arenas that're big league 'bout ready (KC, Cinci, Pitts); MLS exploding as opposed to imploding, and now there are a list of 10 viable cities;
D-League doubling down redundant in existing markets (Chicago and Charotte); Raider Vegas talks racheted up; my want for hometown players on the hometown team;
logos on more than NASCAR and soccer jerseys (being the NBA);

Cuba became that much more plausible this year; the sixth sport when it comes (I still believe it's volleyball); maybe expanding baseball spring training to the likes of New Mexico (or even soCal);
CFL blowing up bigger;
More envisioned big baseball near Boston
or Dallas
Making minor league football;
Talking about having any more room for minor league baseball(?)'
Supporting your minor league team as promotion (and the oddity of no pro hockey in Portland and Seattle and that whole semi-amateur club hockey thingy)
Anything else I'm missing? 
Too much MLS in the New Year?


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