Sunday, September 13, 2015

Could Who Dey Land Ever Become the Kentucky Bengals? Or the Ohio Bengals?

I'm fairly sure I've talked about some of this rubbish before, but there's portability in that B-Logo, unlike the Chicago Bears one thieved off my Redlegs.  With Jerry Jones's cathedral, and perhaps a want to keep up with the Joneses, I can foresee some kind of leverage being weighed by the Brown family for the weekly venue of football to be played on the other side of the Ohio River someday.  It could be Louisville, but if the franchise were deemed the Kentucky Bengals, a pilgrimage is not even a stretch for the likes of Wildcat and Cardinal fans to unite and gather.  I could even see a Meadowland'esque deal being struck with the Cincinnati name in tact.  The Greater Cincinnati Int'l Airport is already in the old Kentucky home.

Though I much prefer and Kentucky Downs franchise someday expanding into Louisville.  A Downs, Colts, Jungle clash that would be.  As far as trash talk, I've even mentioned the Bengals in Mobile, Alabama.  But there, I'd prefer a share of the Southland Jaguars.

Dayton could make a grab for a football church place of gathering.  Could help boost a Flyers program and birth a Wright State one.  The Ohio Bengals would instantly birth the likes of Columbus riders into the brand for years to come.  New turf could beckon the Bengals and Brown family a better butter deal.  And Cincinnati would have the best High School and mid-level college stadium venue in the country.  Talk about Christmas, with all of them Red seats and them Green seats downtown.

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