Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Say My Name. Which Sportless City Gets Which Sport Next? A Short List

 Which big leagues are going to land in which cities?
East to West, the list mainly includes Louisville, Austin and Las Vegas.
Portland and Charlotte come to mind for some sports, too.
Los Angeles football is a no-brainer.  But let me guess the next chance for the others.

Atlanta:  hockey won't be here (back again) soon along with the melt of Houston.  I wish the Southlakes Predators would be their tag-team share.
Austin:  it'll likely be MLS but damn if the NHL doesn't see the wisdom in this hip town over a large hot Houston one.

Baltimore:  the ambiance of that town spells NBA.  But I would lean for a MLS rivalry first.  Rocket di Baltimore.
Buffalo:  Two is good for you.  But I love that big time baseball ready stadium.

Cincinnati:  hockey or MLS.  NHL or MLS???  Or NBA?  There's a majorly renovated coliseum.  I'm a hometown kid.  I don't know!  Going to say MLS or hockey.  MLS or hockey.
Cleveland:  NHL
Columbus:  Damn.                                       OHIO
Would the town of Toledo vie for MLS before Detroit would land it?  "Ohio Divided" sound like a cool name?  I've blogged about it.

Indianapolis:  MLS.  Why can't the Ohio hockeyless cities along with those in Indiana and Wisconsin have a Great Lakes NHL tag team?

Las Vegas:  along with Quebec City, it seems like a sure bet for NHL play.  Soccer is next.
Louisville:  I believe the NBA will eagerly honor this void for the next two team expansion.

Milwaukee:  NHL
Montreal:  baseball

Nashville:  tough one.  Say baseball.  But before Charlotte.  With my model as demonstrated in previous post, yes.  How awesome would FC Appalachian Bootleggers be?

Pittsburgh and St. Louis:  Ummmm, Major League Soccer
Portland:  I would go with the NFL soon, but Los Angeles is looking more like an expansion, so I'm actually seeing them for hockey, probably before baseball.

Salt Lake City:  their best chance seems like a hockey ambiance.
Seattle:  NHL, though it seems they'd be the sure-bet balance to a Louisville NBA expansion in the east.

Vancouver:  beisbol

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