Friday, November 20, 2015

How Could Athletics Baseball Attendance Be Improved?

And ratings be broadened?
Those are your figures.  You may say their numbers of butts in seats would be better with a new ballpark.  I'm sure they would but that's not the feeling for the electorate on the east side of San Fran.   I think the overall attendance would be improved if half the time, or a quarter of the time, would be spent in Las Vegas under the West Coast moniker.

It's talked about throughout my blog, perhaps my favorite franchise expansion-slash-morph and territory expansion.  The West Coast Athletics.  Even if the team stayed in Oakland or went to Sacramento or San Jose, having the brand deemed California or West Coast would bring in more apparel money.  Think Portland. 

And I have also talked about some combo-nations for places teaming up with Tampa.

Think about how playing in multiple places would make the heart grow fonder in other hometowns and how that might improve attendance.

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