Saturday, November 7, 2015

Omaha! Omaha! Broncos Country

QB Manning calls this audible.  It's eastward.  How much thought did he put into the name?  Nebraska, sandwiched in between Vikings and Broncos turf and wafting the wind of the Chiefs.

One day, far far away, when the number of Division I college football programs 'exponentiates, places like OKC, Little Rock, Omaha, Topeka and El Paso will have NFL franchises, heavens above permitting.

Look at the map.  I'm sure a person of sound mind living in Omaha knows there are those ahead in the line for franchises, name your sport.  Las Vegas and Louisville are bound to bring their states into the major leagues of something.  Austin will beckon something in the heart of Texas.  They deserve hockey more than Houston.  Brand it Texas and they'll definitely draw Houston fandom anyway.  I believe Omaha will call on the NHL for its first.  Boise will do something eventually.  Hopefully the likes of Omaha or the Dakotas will land something cool like hockey before Cleveland and Milwaukee saturate further.  Those untapped markets deserve it more so than even my love, Cincinnati.  My mind and my heart over my heart.

What do you see in the map?  In my blog, I see a way for SLC, Boise, Austin and Omaha to get in on part of the action.  It becomes more feasible when you talk about all but the footballs, because the footballs are a weekly venue.  In a way, the weekly draw for the smaller market is more suitable for the draw.  But more games, spread out, spreads the love, and likely fills more seats because of less opportunities, essentially being less days to pass up for a fan to attend a hockey, basketball or baseball game.  The money made by regional sports networks and their territories clouds the issues even further.  But essentially I'm talking about regional teams combining for power.

If an expansion team came into the NHL for the heart of America, imagine Austin and Omaha tag teaming for the Midland Cattledrive or Cattlemen.  Imagine a brand.

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