Thursday, November 12, 2015

Expansion of the NHL and NFL to Europe. *And NFL to LA. *Chicago D-League. NEWS

NHL to Europe?

I'd like to see an all-Europe team representing Europa.  Call them the Europa Armada.  That sound good?
Not saying that they should be a team comprised of all Europeans and Swedes.  The typical mercenary roster fits the bill, as the NHL is not to be the olympics.
And in the spirit of my one-team for multiple places, let the squad skate around Helsinki, London, Moscow and Prague.  Or some such.

Will the Chargers and/or Rams move to the LA area? 
Some say that a vote for 2016 NFL for the city of angels would have to come by late Winter in order to happen:

Chicago is getting a D-League team for its suburbs. 

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