Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Best 32 Team Expansion. But Way More Than 29 Places. Strong Case for Baseball Nations

Adding baseball to Mexico, Vancouver, Montreal, Portland, Las Vegas, Nashville, New Orleans and Charlotte, and expanding by only two more teams.  Sharing a team in more than one city is how it can be done.  T'would be a regional powerhouse, a powerbrand if you will.  With LA, NYC and Chicago hogging 6 spots of 30 teams, even in a 2 teams expansion there won't essentially be 30 cities of MLB outside of suburbs, grapefruit and cactus.

I'm talking more than 8 new MLB cities.

The news teams are the North Country Lumberjacks (does Northland sound better?)
and the Southland Band.

Here are the newer old teams.

Tampa-Monterrey Rays
West Coast Athletics

North Country is housed and camped in Vancouver and Montreal.  Averaged out they could be a central team.  A heavily renovated Olympic Stadium and BC Place is in place.  40 games a piece.

More than 8, I say.  Yes.  Ever heard of the California Angels?  I'd have the Angels playing in Sacramento also.  The easiest move would be to have the Oakland A's non-existent and just splitting home games between there and Anaheim.  If the Yankees played some play in Buffalo, it'd be bonkers north of Yonkers.  What about the Rangers playing also in El Paso, San Antonio, Austin or San Marcos (as a compromise)?
The Monterrey Rays or Sur Toros could be in existence if the Florida Marlins split time in Tampa.  A weekend series (with a Monday off) in Mexico City for the Sur team would be a special site.

Can't you see it?

Jays v. the 'Jacks

Piece of the Rays logo

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