Sunday, October 18, 2015

Big Two Cities: MLB and NFL ...and What's Next

          San Diego
          Kansas City (technically)...if we're thinking more Big 4 than Big 5 quite yet.
          Seattle, same

Which one of these guys is going to get something next?

With an NBA expansion, popular thought is that Louisville is the next sure market in the east.  And a balance would be struck next out west.  A revival of the Sonics brand seems logical.
 Is it Seattle Sonics for the NBA?
For the record, I think it's a shame Seattle and Portland get passed over 
for more flailing desert hockey.

Some would think it to be KC luring a struggling NHL club to relocate to their new house.  
Kansas City NHL?
With that new arena, and no NBA in St. Louis, they might garner the NBA.  Seems more b-ball than ice hockey to me.

SD, Cinci and Baltimore seem to be on the outs in this climate of market saturation and their proximity to existing team markets.  I wish the Clippers would've tag teamed Seattle and San Diego as the West Coast Clippers.  That would've brought more stretches to the coast that reps an entire Golden State.
Out of all on this list I believe Baltimore doesn't have a shot at anything, though an MLS expansion with the Baltimore Brigade has a ring to it.  Doesn't fire a shot though.  It's in the Balwash Corridor,....I mean the beltway.  D.C..  Above the belt.

Which out of the three land major soccer first?  I say Cinci.   "Armory" has a ring to it.  Wouldn't an I-75 battle with the Detroit Arsenal be swell?
What say you?

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