Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Outlanders Representation. Big League Travel Team Field of Dreams

What do you think about a team called the Eastern Battalion or the Western Brigade?

Which league would best accommodate this?  The NBA?
The Eastern team would bode well with camp in cities like Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Columbus, Louisville and Birmingham.  In the West, Las Vegas, Albuquerque and Seattle.

The idea for outlanders representation came to me a handful of years ago.  I was thinking about a baseball carnival atmosphere out in the middle of nowhere.  I thought about a western American League team and a National east one.  It would be the "End of the World Tour" with "hometown" camp teams in fields with play on the 2012 Mayan deal.  At least for a season, we would get to scope a Field of Dreams concert Americana atmosphere in places like the Dakotas and Montana, Idaho and Nebraska, a baseball Woodstock of sorts.

Football's schedule is more doable.  Not the easiest thing to lay ice but it can be accomodated.  I don't think soccer would have the draw but I could be wrong with the youth's love of soccer.  At a big league level, baseball would logistically be the toughest as far as seating and such.  But I think the charm and TV ticket would be sufficient.

Iowa proposal

Palisades Park

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