Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A rivalry down the road for Cincinnati. What would a future Kentucky NFL team be called?

I got to thinking about the Bengal's lease for PBS being up in 2017 and how Mike Brown might want to keep up with the Jerry Joneses.  I thought of the possibility of the Commonwealth of Kentucky trying to lure the Bengals across the river, whether that be a hop over the river or a jump to Louisville.

What if it weren't in Lexington or Louisville?  What if it were provocative and stadiums faced each other right across the river?  Wouldn't that attract an olympic venue to the area?

What if they put a stadium in Covington or under the I-275 loop and had an NFL franchise named Kentucky?  The Colonels would be awesome.  What other names would be outstanding?  Thoroughbreds.  Kentucky Downs.  "Riflemen" might be too charged of a name.

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