Sunday, May 11, 2014

Could, let's say, Miami and Charlotte share a franchise? A Tag Team. Just another question posed.

When I harp on a Pacific Coast, West Coast team I make mention of Portland, Oakland and Las Vegas in the same breath. 600 miles and 550 between the cities.  The geographic implication represents a lot more.

Don't you think naming a team "West Coast" and playing in a few places draws fans in between and around those places into the fold, especially those without feelings of representation now?  There is question in between Seattle and Las Vegas and Oakland and Reno to the stretches of places like Portland and Boise.

For the Atlantic Coast, East Coast I now mention Charlotte and Miami in the same breath.  I don't feel the Rays are great in Tampa.  I don't think the Marlins are wonderful in Dolphin country but Latin America does love baseball so it seems there to stay.  Charlotte deserves something.  Why not a share?  I have mentioned Nashville and Charlotte before.  I've mentioned before Nashville and New Orleans with the whole southern connection.  But what about the coastal connection bridging Dolphin and Panther country for baseball.  Or is it too different?  Is it too 700 milesy?

Re-brand and co-locate.
Drop the Marlins moniker and do 40 games in each city with a big new stadium erected in Charlotte.
The East Coast Kings?  ___________  Coastal Run Rays?
I wouldn't even mind the Florida Rays playing on both coast of their state.  Then Nashville-Charlotte, Nashville-Memphis or Memphis-New Orleans (Southern Sounds, Soundawgs) could be another tag team.
I'd be a fan of the Southtown Skylarks given there aren't many native Americans here from 500 years ago (larks - see link).

Any input from Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans and Charlotte?


Tennessee pro ball in Nashville

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