Sunday, May 11, 2014

MLB - If each franchise had to camp in two cities... .

If each franchise had to camp in another city... .
Proximity of these stadiums in many cases can be economically silly.

But, gun to your head.

Cincinnati:  Louisville, Columbus or Dayton Dragon land.  I lean towards C-bus.  But damnit, I go Louisville.

Chicago:  Des Moines
Sox:  Sprinfield, IL

Boston:  Portland, ME

New York:  Buffalo
NYM:  Atlantic City

Washington:  Newport News

Baltimore:  Charleston, WV

San Francisco:  San Jose

Oakland:  Sacramento

Los Angeles:  Las Vegas

Miami:  Jacksonville

Tampa:  New Orleans

Atlanta:  Charlotte

Texas:  Austin or San Antonio

Houston:  El Paso

Arizona:  Albuquerque

Colorado:  Boise

San Diego:  Honolulu

Seattle:  Portland

Kansas City:  Omaha

St. Louis:  Memphis

Minnesota:  Witchita

Cleveland:  Indianapolis

Philadelphia:  Harrisburgh

Pittsburgh:  Erie

Milwaukee:  Madison

Detroit:  Toledo

Toronto:  Montreal or Vancouver

As a fantasy stretch,....maybe
    Minnesota and the Yankees are particularly noteworthy I think.

Cincinnati:  Nashville

Chicago:  Lincoln, NE
Sox:  Birmingham

Boston:  Providence

New York:  Tampa Bay
NYM:  Hartford, CT

Washington:  Roanoke

Baltimore: Morgantown, WV

San Francisco:  Portland

Oakland:  Las Vegas

Los Angeles:  New Jersey
LAA:  San Juan PR

Miami:  Orlando

Tampa:  Mobile, AL

Atlanta:  Tupelo

Texas:  Austin

Houston:  Monterrey MX

Arizona:  Santa Fe

Colorado:  Vancouver

San Diego:  Tijuana

Seattle:  Tacoma

Kansas City:  Witchita

St. Louis:  Indianapolis

Minnesota:  Western North Dakota site

Cleveland:  Akron

Philadelphia:  Trenton

Pittsburgh:  Youngstown

Milwaukee:  Green Bay

Detroit:  Evansville, IN

Toronto:  Montreal

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