Sunday, May 11, 2014

NFL - If each franchise had to camp in two cities... .

An existing collegiate stadium near or building a new one.  Weird, I know, but with football it's doable.
Gun to our mindful heads, I wonder the brand names.  Like the Bills of Buffalo and Oklahoma City?

Cleveland:  Toledo
Cincinnati:  Louisville
NY:  Portland, OR
NYG:  Omaha
Philadelphia:  Atlantic City
New England:  Hartford, CT
Buffalo:  OKC
Pittsburgh:  Morgantown, WV
Indianapolis:  Columbus
Baltimore:  Huntington, WV
D.C.:  Roanoke, VA
Miami:  Orlando
Tampa Bay:  Mobile
New Orleans:  Tuscaloosa,....but really I think the San Antonio Saints would be neat too.
Houston:  El Paso
Dallas:  San Antonio

Detroit:  Lansing
Chicago:  South Bend, IN
Arizona:  Santa Fe
Denver:  Vancouver
San Diego:  Duh, Los Angeles.  Or Las Vegas
Oakland:  or duh, Los Angeles
San Francisco:  Reno, NV
Seattle:  Tacoma
Tennessee:  um, Memphis
Atlanta:  Clemson, SC
Carolina:  Raliegh
Jacksonville:  Little Rock
St. Louis:  Columbia, MO or New Orleans
Kansas City:  Witchita
Green Bay:  Milwaukee
Minnesota:  Deluth

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