Friday, May 26, 2017

Next Newbs' for MLB West

Las Vegas
There is some alternative opportunity.
Saving baseball in Oakland.  The Raiders left.  Warriors kinda' left - well, they're not picking you up.  They may be honking the horn, but you have to follow the car.  Walking.
Let me talk about Vancouver.  Imagine exhibition in Anchorage or Honolulu.  Check out some thoughts.

32 Team Major League Baseball Expansion. And 5 or more MLB Cities

Portland Blue Sox for Major League Baseball

Unless you go Multi-Nodal, You Won't have a Home Team in your Lifetime

And in other sports.  Instead of LAFC why not West Coast United with Vegas?  Search keyword:  West Coast Diamond Club

 West Coast is biggest Gap in the Big Five Sports

Portland: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

Regional Contingencies for East, Central, and West (Baseball)

Major League Baseball International Sister Cities & Series

Major League Baseball in Las Vegas

Major League Baseball in Charlotte and Portland. And then Las Vegas and Nashville. No Expansion Team Necessary



  Check out many more pairings in the blog, the West Coast Clippers splitting time in Seattle, and better off in San Diego, too.


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