Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Sixth Sport

What is it now, but really which sport will it be?

I mean, we're not into Singles unless it is Golf or NASCAR.....or when the Olympics come around?
Is that accurate?  But I'm really talking team sports.  More mercenary group work to represent a city, let's say.

Cricket is like baseball.  Rugby is like football.  Lacrosse is like soccer.  Field hockey, yeah.
Volleyball is like basketball, but not so much.  It has even more constant quick-move proximity.  The spike is at hand, or I should say, handier than the dunk.

If there is a more successful economy or bubble to arise with the insatiable boredom (or demand) of Americana, a big sixth team sport could arise.  Probably before a thirty something living today retires.  And I see it as volleyball.

In suburbia boredom, basketball can be as convenient as a driveway.  But had there been a male offering for volleyball in my high school (there was a lady offering), I would've forgone many o' basketball gaming and practicing to play V-ball.   Now that my alma mater is combining with another school, male volleyball will likely be an option pretty soon (certainly, for overlooked basketballers (to-be) volleyballers).

It's fun.  Ye cannot deny.  Pick a league that's abutted to a bar or bowling alley.  It'll be a good time.

In a big league framework, there can be interchangeable venues such as outdoor/indoor for the one league.  Season could dictate.  Weather could.  - -Or just for the heck of it (venue-wise of course), as with clay v. grass courts in tennis.  The team ambiance and crowds would be nifty, if not more intimate than the other sports.

What would you name your city club?

Lady and Gent teams.  Cincinnati Stunners, Portland Platoon, Miami Magnificent, Boston Battle Group, Seattle Steamrollers.  YOU TELL ME.

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  1. Regarding MLB's call to expand again by 2020, these locales & team names should be considered (in no particular order):
    Seattle Grinders
    Montreal Expos
    Las Vegas Gamblers
    St Louis Showmen
    Topeka Tornadoes/Twisters