Thursday, December 15, 2016

Outdoor NBA Series

Why do it?

Because most basketballers, from the comfort of their homes likely play b-ball in the driveways or backyards.  And playgrounds.

Because the fans would feel it more.  That's why.

And so imagine.  The Bulls at Wrigley.
And yes, I got this light bulb from the NHL and their outdoor classics.

Knicks at Yankee Stadium.  Celtics at Fenway  Pacers at Notre Dame.  You get the idea.  
But I'm going to go for a little bit more anyway.  Trailblazers at Safeco (in Seattle?) hehe.  The Warriors playing at a smaller venue, Minor League baseball's Inland Empire 66ers park.  There are 8,000 seats there.  More intimate.  Be Golden State in SoCal.  Play the Lakers there.  Look at the 8k seated on deck in these photos.

San Diego in the background

And yes, on an aircraft carrier, it looks mighty awesome.

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