Monday, December 12, 2016

I Guess Moving Browns Camp can only Help

And this is coming from an Ohio guy.
Not a Columbus guy.
Not even a Buckeyes fan.
I'm a Cincinnati native and everyone should know that there are 3 states in Ohio:  Cleveland, Cincinnati and then there's Ohio.

Part-timing the Browns Camp in the capital is a good idea.  There is little other option.  It's a football crowded part of the country.  They're in Greater Cleveland.  And a pretty short drive to the nations of Steelers, Lions and Colts.

But yeah, Columbus is in between the two other C cities.  And if I were a lad growing up around there I would've had my AL and NL team for the pickins'.  And for years, even encroaching upon the borders of Cincinnati's circle freeway, there are born and bred Browns fans.  And that's simply because Cinci didn't have an NFL team until 1968.  And I have noticed many jumping to the Bengal Jungle wagon due the lack of (good) football, especially when the Browns moved for almost a handful of years.

Nothing will cast a shadow on OSU football in Columbus.  But the Browns can probably grab a few new loyalist by camping there.  It's up-for-grabs turf, especially for quality Sunday football.

Meanwhile, the Bengals camp in Kentucky at a college buttressed up against Titans turf, whereas the Browns are more snug up against international Lake Erie and steeler nation.  I didn't capitalize the proper noun on its second go-around  on purpose.

I suppose it was your only choice Browns:  make an effort to expand Greater Cleveland instead of just keeping your camp there.

But splitting time -- this is most outstanding of an idea: Co

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