Sunday, December 18, 2016

Next Leagues and Cities for Expansion

32 NFL teams                                         
30 MLB
hot stove chat
30 NBA
31 NHL
22 ( 24 slated in all, as of today)

Which league is most ready for expansion?
So, NHL just got Las Vegas.  So, to even it out
And MLS is going to put another one in LA as well as Miami (we think).  Kicking off seasons next year is Minnesota and Atlanta.  With a system of promotion/relegation for the near future, an easier justification to bolster a set of 30 teams could be had faster.  That would be more MLS exposure and anticipation.

To "even things out" (which is a ridiculous rationale but we'll go with it, but we're talking growth for sports representation), obviously MLB and the NBA will need some more balls added to their history.  MLS is exploding with the kiddos well enough on it's own.  Yeah, essentially catching up with the rest of the world in popularity.

I've blogged about some of these places before.  Like with MLB: Portland, Sacramento and Charlotte with Nashville (expanding with even keeping 30 teams!).  Louisville for NBA and NFL.  Austin for NHL and San Marcos as an MLS compromise.  Look up places in the searchbox above (top left?)    So...
Which league is most ready for expansion?
Which places?

How do you like my shtick?


 Bounce some ideas around.  Don't be a blank slate.

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