Saturday, December 10, 2016

Should MLS be Slower to Grow? Or what about 10 more?

Don't tell that to the likes of Sacramento, San Antonio to Cinci.

The argument wouldn't be so hard if the FCs for LA and NYC never happened.  That would be two new markets for expanding the brand before doubling up.

So, 21 teams.
And to get to 30, we could say Cincinnati, Detroit, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego and St. Louis.
And with my imaginary not twice a team in all the big 5 biggest cities, we could pick 3 more to get to 30 teams.  Charlotte, OKC and Detroit.  I've blog-blabbed before that Detroit Arsenal sounds fantastic.
And two more than that for 32 teams.  Louisville and Indy?  Or Vegas?  Oh yeah.  But Arizona in the big five.
Good description of Austin: up for mls

UC's football field, Nippert Stadium.  This is also where FC Cincinnati (USL) currently plays.  A Wrigley o' college football.  Current expansion of the turf area under development to suit MLS standards.

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