Friday, December 2, 2016

MLS Maybe 28 teams by 2020

And this has been said by the 'Commish.

So, we have our  teams 22 teams.

MLS is currently at 22 teams, and the league plans to expand to 28 teams, with Cincinnati, Detroit, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego and St. Louis as the current official expansion candidates.[1] The league plans to add its 21st and 22nd teams in 2017 – Atlanta United FC and Minnesota United FC. Additionally, MLS plans to add Los Angeles FC in 2018 and a Miami team, pending a finalized stadium plan. Expanding and establishing a bigger national footprint is seen as essential to securing television rights fees needed to reach MLS's stated goal of becoming one of the top leagues in the world by 2022.[2]

So, let's say we have four more of all these listed to choose from.
I see San Antonio doing it in the wide expanse that is Texas, even if Dynamo and FC Big D stake claims so close.  But I have questions with regards to the others' proximities.  There's already KC near St. Louis.  LA is doubled up by San Diego.  Sacramento is near San Jose north of all of that.  Cincinnati is not 100 miles from Columbus.

But Detroit has elbow room.  And so I say they surely got it.  I figure saturation is currently an issue with all choices but MLS is like all of us with our own individual investments,...long run.

So....2 more. 

Sacramento held onto the buzz for awhile.  Then St. Louis popped up, and even more so when American football ducked out to where they came from.  But Cincinnati, (still with it's NFL, but no NHL to begin with) might move into the status of a Big 3 variation, because FC Cinci came out of friggin' no where with crowds that ran their hand under the chin of most other MLS attendances.

Will Sacramento trump both the 'Saint and Cinci with the fact that only basketball Kings rule the Cali capital town now?  (Damn!  I was born Cinci!)  In addition to being close to C-Bus, Cleveland is in the state also.  With Cavs owner talking of tagging up with Detroit to open an MLS team, my thinking would be for Cleveland and Detroit having one team named Great Lakes.  And obviously they'd have one home/camp game per month in those cities respectively.  How could they fail?  Indianapolis would lie in wait.  They, along with Cincinnati and even Rochester or Milwaukee, fall within the Great Lakes region (the Megalopolis).  Think Great Lakes SC.  And Soccer de Revolution, pit your 15 million New England folks against that mega-65 million midwesterners plus Rochester Buffalo.  We'll see who sells more TV time views and T-shirts.

Let us not forget the big factor for MLS acquisition though:....a soccer specific stadium in the midst of fool-me-twice taxpayers.

Choices.  On and on.  Charlotte.  OKC.  Louisville.  ...My idea for San Marcos as a compromise to Austin/S.A.  AZ FC for a bi-weekly trek to Tempe.

Damn.  Choices choices. 
Is this a stretch?

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