Thursday, November 3, 2016

Put the Foot in Football and a Leg Up on the Markets

I have two points.  Ties in football suck.  And having some deserving markets without a big time team also sucks.

Have a kick-off,...or should I say field goal off.
Put the foot in football.  Move the ball back, mano y mano.  Sudden death miss that doesn't match.  Settles that, now doesn't it.

And my theme:
Combine cities for a Franchise 
Let's say the Raiders leave Oakland.  They could split time as the West Coast Raiders in Las Vegas and Portland or Sacramento or some such.  A town can handle a (home-camp) game per mont.  If a market would actually fail, it could retract to another town or just to one market, conventionally.  Fail in Vegas or Portland?  Move to Louisville for the Kentucky Downs.  Once a week (every two weeks actually) fills the seats.

My favorite combo cities for football are mentioned in these:

Another Canadian MLB Franchise? Vancouver Athletics and Raiders? And the Norde Force Canadian NFL Team

Big League Expansion without increasing Number of Franchises. Definite No Doubts 

 I do it for many sports and towns throughout the blog.
I know, I know, but still no.  I see her true colors.

Not even to take one for the team.

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