Sunday, November 13, 2016

Factoid: 122 Teams in the Big Four

142 in the Big Five

NHL might add two more soon.  We're thinking Quebec with the newbie of Las Vegas.
MLS is currently at 20 with more on the definite docket.

The markets of Los Angeles and New York, the biggest American markets, hog up more than their share.  They have two teams each in the Big Five.  I guess I didn't say fair share one way or another.

Markets on the cusps and missing some now?  Let me name a few.

Untouched by Big Leagues?:
                         My favorite idea is Kentucky Downs football, though I realize NBA should be first.
No longer an issue with Las Vegas missing, though in line with my theme, sharing the team under the name West Coast with Seattle and/or Portland seemed more appropriate.  

The gaping market remaining in the NFL?:
                         My favorite idea is Norde Force
For the MLB, at present I prefer the relocations or colocations of the Rays and A's.  In my blog I've talked about the West Coast A's and the Rays relocating to Charlotte or Montreal or even Monterrey.
Then maybe we can do a better, ore exponential expansion of two teams, like the North Country Lumberjacks (the 'Jacks).  Search the terms- I wrote about 'em.

Any out-of-the-box ideas?  

Any ideas for moves?

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See way way more talk of expansion, co-location and relocation of franchises for the

footballs, baseball, basketball and hockey on my blog.   

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