Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Oklahoma Omaha Pilots as a MLB Expansion Team in Central Division

And not Omaha's first big league rodeo either.

They were part of the NBA's Kings.  Before Sacramento,...in history they were in Rochester to Cincinnati to Kansas City.  And with Kansas City, they played regular season games in Omaha and St. Louis and were called the Kansas City-Omaha Kings.  I'm for bringing back such a motif.

Would this be a good format for baseball?  What about the Oklahoma(City)-Omaha Pilots?  They could even sport jerseys every once in awhile that have Midland written across the front, especially in special games played near oilfields like the Bakken in the Dakotas.

Would it not be neat?  Would it not combine the power of two less-than-optimal markets together for a 40 games each home (camp) game split?  Yeah sure, the KC Royals baseball team wouldn't like this, as it surely would steal some fans, mostly outside of Kansas.  To me, this is the most viable team in the middle of America, whereas there is argument for franchise viability nearer the coasts like Charlotte, Portland and Sacramento.  San Antonio is argued but arguably lackluster for the numbers needed for practically daily games.  I have solutions for all this in my blog.  Rangers playing in San Antonio also as well as the California Angels partial birth up in Sacramento.  Stuff like that.  Or a West Coast (Port-Las Vegas) or East Coast (Mon-Char?) combos.

 Whatta' ya' think for Midland America?  See more:

Major League Baseball in Vancouver and Montreal. Make it one team. North Country Lumberjacks

But yeah, if I were the MLB Dictator and we were expanding by four teams, I'd still expand first world North America before getting into the likes of Monterrey.  And I'd do all the cities I mentioned and more.
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