Saturday, November 19, 2016

New Stadium for New Major League Soccer team at Gateway. And a Question.

First off, congratulations to St. Louis for working to replace a football with another football.

But I have a question.  More prime downtown space is being used to build another stadium. 

Is the multi-use multipurpose stadium model dead?  The same'ish square field can't have the same rowdy seating?  2 big oblong saucers will sit how vacant for how many days, even in hay days?  And I pose this question for many o' cities.

Take my birthplace hometown for example.  In the next 10 years, MLS could come to fruition for Cincinnati.  We have our NFL stadium.  Our futbol club utilizes our scenic and charming University's football field.  Contemporarily, more seats are utilized for football than futbol.  Some seats get tarped at the stadium.  This is also the case for Seattle's MLS Sounders at their Double Football Field.  I love the Northwest's (Port-Sea) leaning towards environment.  And no, I don't want to talk about how the Bengals stadium is already outdated 16 years later and how Mike Brown will likely try to be keeping up with the Jerry Joneses.  And how Paul Brown Stadium might become Cincinnati Public High School Football Stadium .....or home to MLS 'Nnati while a stadium lures Bengals play across the river,....Kentucky being Cincinnati's New Jersey.

It's a question of money, space utilization, and ultimately our manifest destiny against (or with) the environment.  MLS wants their exclusive stamp.  I see that.  I love baseball's rebirth for nostalgic tie-ins.  But even business-wise I wonder about such questions as Detroit, and economy justifying build-baby-build at every turn.
HOK group and ESPN FC

What's up with the Rams of ago for St. Louis's ol' NFL stadium, Corporate yadda yadda whatever Dome?   Doesn't seem to be a big plan set as the taxpayers are paying rent for emptiness.

And on another side note:  I love that that city had essentially a shared identity brand for the city in a Football and Baseball Cardinals (1960-88).  Can you envision such other shared identity in any other sports towns?  Will St. Louis have another 7 or so seasons gap for being without the NFL?  Ehh.

I suppose MLS Saint Loueeeey should be there.  Since the fans and taxpayers are paying for the dome's haunting up to at least 2022.  Build baby build though.

Could it be an indoor community baseball dome used by the Cards in inclimate weather????  How exciting (or unpleasant) would that exciting day-to-day shuffle be?

Think, McFly.
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