Saturday, November 19, 2016

Question: California Raiders? Chargers?

I mean, there are relocation options.  ...ranging from the Portland or Las Vegas Raiders.  And the other most mentioned is San Antonio.  Even murmers of Oklahoma City wanting some such NFL.  Who wouldn't want some badass name like Raiders tagged on their town?

And if you read my blog, you know that I'm biggest on the West Coast Raiders either changing the name and staying,.....or sharing with Portland and/or Las Vegas.

But could the Raiders join the Rams in being just LA again?  It's been brought up that the Chargers could be bullied away from San Diego.  But here's what I've got to say about talk of essentially the Los Angeles or Carson Chargers.  Make whichever team shares stadiums with the Rams, ...make it the "California" brand at least instead of the same ol' boring first name of LA.

If I had to pick one town for a team instead of aforementionings of tag-team-town innovation, I wouldn't mind seeing the Las Vegas Chargers claiming their Hoover Dam.  And I wouldn't mind a West Coast Raiders in Portland or Vegas.

But damn, do something different.  Yes, you get stadium seating in Los Angeles, easily every week.  But expand your brand on the map,...don't just rob Oakland or San Diego because taxpayers don't want to rent a team before the next outdated threat to build again or get snatched.

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