Monday, November 14, 2016

NEWSY. Chargers maybe-might not be San Diego. Los Angeles and Las Vegas are some Chatter news/chargers-few-options-but-to-move-to-los-angeles-after-stadium-vote-fails

Screw two teams in LA, I say.  The way business looks at it, they're selling ratings to the second largest market in America, twice the time.  'Tis Manifest Money.

San Antonio always likes to be in the conversation.   And what of Portland?  That's a population gap.  Rooting for Timbers & then the Seahawks could get confusing for the footballS fans, I'd imagine.  I don't imagine the folks of Seattle have picked up the ball for 'Blazers.

But NFL.
I'd say anything but double-donging Los Angeles in yet another sport.
Oh, NFL Canada would be sweet!  Imagine a team named Canadian Power.  Some of their possibility of play could happen east and west at home.  Think BC Place and Rogers Centre.

What can I say,....I highly support taxpayers seeing stadium levees as needless welfare helping rich people way more than the taxpayer.  And keeping up with the Jerry Joneses is an American folly.
I wish you all the best, San Diego.  Los Angeles?  No.  Just no.

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