Sunday, June 12, 2016

Unless I have a Team in the Bigs, I Could Care Less

And by less, I mean I can care less than I could care more.

For me, as a born Cincinnatian, that refers to the NHL, NBA and MLS.

I liked watching national network games as I was held hostage by the urban Winter.  So, I enjoyed Michael Jordan and even stretched my mind, just miles away to Indiana to root on an occassional view of Reggie Miller,... but I didn't set my clock to the NBA at all.  Every once in awhile I saw hockey cards at K-Mart I think.  Soccer was for kids that weren't good at baseball as far as my world was concerned.  Who could afford hockey equipment on a whim back in the day in Cinci?

Even as a Cincinnatian that may periodically desire a bigger broader winner like Ohio State during some droughts, whom OSU I don't really root for, I'm pretty much Cinci or nothing.  We're by virtue of being first, baseball royalty always.  And Cincinnati is kind of its own state.  Our past is one of being at odds with Cleveland.  And it was nice that Bearcats basketball was essentially my pro team and went to the Final Four.  It felt that way anyway for us and basketball.  And having the AHL and ECHL teams at the same time, Mighty Ducks and Cyclones, was nifty too.   When homeboys broke out on the scene, I remember seeing some dudes on the west side buy roller skates and the roller pucks with sticks.  But I was never watching NHL.  I watched more Blades of Steel than NHL.  I'm not sure I looked at box scores beyond figuring which province states had teams in the 80s or 90s.

Cities like Atlanta no doubt have some hockey loving leftovers.  Who knows when it will return.  Like with the bigger pro ball basketball for the likes of Cinci, Pittsburgh, St. Louis or Louisville.

Sure, it's fun watching LeeBraun take on Curry, but it ain't my city.  Not sure,...were Raiders fans from Los Angeles rooting for them when they were in Oakland again?
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