Sunday, June 19, 2016

All in a Name. What to Name a Team?

I haven't mentioned Vegas because there seems to be a love for the dollar over the likes of the ambiance for Nordique lands.  And so maybe it's about growing the game.  But next to Arizona and it's wild west, fewer roots, growing pains.  And skipping right over more tradition in Portland and Seattle,...but I'll drink a beer looking like Kermit the Frog.

All the best to them.  Hopefully the seats in Vegas doesn't feel like the Rays or even turns out like the Marlins.

Below is a site talking about some recent sportage naming.

But what do you think?  I think a good name is something that tips the hat to homage, uniqueness, or aspirations to the area represented.  Incorporating one or more of those is a plus.  Or I guess something mean and ferocious works.

Yep, Nevada.  Anyone with a good clip of time in a desert knows the drop can sometimes make it feel like Penguins can walk by at night.  So, I guess Coyotes are welcome.  Um.

But wouldn't have the West Coast Coyotes as a shared tag team be better?  With anyone?  Seattle?  Portland?  Vegas?  Even something shared with Austin really (Western?).  I wrote about it.

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