Saturday, June 4, 2016

MLB Right Now for these Places

Some of these cities could make it feasibly happen in 2020, especially with an unconventional outlook.
          Out of these places in the east, which one first?

2015 Census
New Jersey?

Las Vegas

The largest city in North America is Mexico City.  Ninth is Montreal.  Havana is top 10.  Monterrey 23rd.  Central Texas?  California A's in Sacramento and Oakland?

My part-time place idea alleviates concern for lackluster sustainability.
If North Country played in a few Canadian cities and the likes of Portland and Las Vegas split time for a "West Coast" named team, no doubt.

Think of a second team in or around Boston.  And 40 to 50 of the East Coast Patriots games were played in Charlotte.  Boom.

See some of your place
 in the Index Key 

See way more talk of expansion, co-location and relocation of franchises for the
footballs, baseball, basketball and hockey on my blog.  Contribute votes to the pages to the right and comment below.  
           Whatta'ya think?

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