Friday, June 3, 2016

Future Rivalries in Major League Soccer

Let me jump past the coattails of the above linked writing.

There was an Orange-out in Cincinnati to take on the shitty, ...I mean to say "city" colors of Pittsburgh in a USL matchup with a crowd that beat out many o' MLS games.

Yeah, Cincinnati Pittsburgh in all brands of football.
Cinci and the Crew or against Indy would be something.

Whenever there's Nashville and Charlotte with some Atlanta United (suburbs?).
I've argued those should be the two regional tag team towns combining for an Appalachia United Bootleggers brand.

Austin and San Antonio.

It is said now of Chicago and Minnesota.  Revolution versus New York ones?
I  assume but don't know Portland and Seattle.  Or Vancouver or some such.
Los Angeles and the Quakes?  A KC Saint Louey' isn't far off.

There are a lot of cities missing from the momentum.  Detroit is one.  Is Honolulu ever going to get something?   Little Rock Legs sometime?  Alabama Bootleggers?  I still don't know why two New Yorks but not one New Jersey in name in place.

Yes, MLS has a way to go.  But in perspective, it won't take long.  Footballs all year long.
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