Sunday, May 8, 2016

NFL Team for London is Trying Too Hard .... for now anyway


Kentucky Downs

                 Nord Force

Oregon Express

                    Oklahoma Oilers

                            Those teams being respectively in Louisville, Toronto, Portland and OKC.
I've blabbed about them in my blog before. 
A team could be in Canada or Mexico.
Get your head out from up under 'yer...from out under 'er.... uh
Toronto and/or Monterrey.
Just to name a handful.

Nothing to say of central Texas, Las Vegas, Birmingham.  And on and on.

But let London have Jacksonville.

Check out some links:

NFL in Louisville
OKC Oilers NFL Team

Having holes in Portland, Louisville, Birmingham and Toronto gives me the feels for filling in gaps.  Florida has 3 big time teams while Texas does not.  I have this angst expressed throughout the blog.
In all of sports some consolidation can close some of these gaps in a hurry.  2 teams could become four or more towns instead of just two towns.  A Norde Force and North Country team would explode the television and apparel money to new bounds.  Taking the Oakland A's woes and sharing them with Las Vegas as the West Coast brand could do wonders and alleviate of any concerns of hesitation into part-time towns.  Am I crazy or can't this happen for Tampa and Oakland on the diamond?  Tampa should share the Marlins and the A's should be shared between Vegas and Oaktown.  We can fill voids in Austin/San Antonio, Portland and Charlotte quicker using a two town team.
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