Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Map of Sports Cosmology. Draw one up

Go ahead, create it.  Get it out of your system.

Do this, especially if you're from Montreal, Charlotte, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Austin or Portland.
Envision the Boise Blue Sox.

Dream up your Toronto and Louisville NFL teams.

Go overseas.

Come up with your hometown team expansion.  Be honest with yourself and then say which places will probably get it before your town will.

Take it out as far as you please:

You can or take it out to the Tokyo Dragons or Berlin Bears.  And do it in whatever sport.  Get Indianapolis, Nashville and Charlotte out of your system.  London and Paris basketball.  Our Aussie pals geographically suit for alignment in some kind of an Asian division.
The way I do it is to make regional teams by combining towns.   I expedite the growth. For instance, a North Country Lumberjacks or Nord Force squad for all of Canada can include Vancouver and Montreal in the mix in one fell swoop.  Think of the Sur Toros in Mexico for Monterrey and Mexico City.  Those cities being on different ends of the country can average out where the teams are aligned in the league.  

Tennessee brand baseball would put two medium sized MLB stadiums in the state, one in Memphis and one in Nashville.  Portland and Las Vegas could be taken care of in this fashion for a west coast named brand.   A rationale could even be stretched for East Coast International Expos baseball being played in Charlotte and Montreal.  You could lump Puerto Rico in there.  You could scheme up some kind of Midland brand for San Antonio, Austin, OKC, Kansas City and Omaha for all of the big leagues.  I've done it throughout my blog.  If you living in North or South Dakota, creativity could put you in the big leagues,...just do it part-time as a tag-team.

Do you have any dream schemes?

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