Friday, May 27, 2016

MetroStars was a better name than Red Bulls. Opinion

And certainly more sensible than "just", "New York".  
A mannerism like Mango from SNL
One day, the club could be called the Bridgecrossers.


See, yes, the New York Red Bulls before bought by Red Bull was less of a bunch of bull, and was a broader name for the blokes and broads of New Jersey, while also playing in the suburbs of New York in New Jersey.  But like all New York footballs.  In New Jersey.

I get it.  In Covington, Kentucky you can see the Reds baseball park and root for the Reds or Bengals across the river as a born and red Kentuckian.

MetroStars.  The New York-New Jersey Metrostars.
Why not Jersey York MetroStars?

Because FC Cincinnati is Toyota and the Crew is Barbasol.

Because because because because.  Becuz!  Because of the wonderful things we does.... .

I have said before, if I was LeeBraun James, I'd be a billionaire  as Lebron Coca-Cola James for play-by-plays calling my full name out each non-number reference.

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