Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Big Ones. Or Two or More Sizeable Cities in a State for Sports

To many of you, there is an obviousness in what I'm going to spout about.  The wildcards in it might be San Marcos Texas and Tucson Arizona.

If you like directional order as part of your geographic drift, hold on,
...and I'm sorry, because it's going to be a wild ride:

California has some coastess' with some mostest'.  7 major league towns really from 4 areas.
Florida has more than Miami and Tampa.  4 big league ones to be precise.
Ohio has the 3 C's.
Pencil'vania has 2.
Missouri has two.
Same with Tennessee.
Charlotte has a formidable neighbor now in Raleigh.
Texas touts more than a sizeable 4.
New York has more than one metro over a million and the sports towns to tout in bountiful Buffalo.
Baltimore and D.C. are technicalities bunched together on the Corridor.

Indianapolis is pretty lone.  As is Boston.  As is Chicago.  Though they are near enough to the likes of Providence and Milwaukee, respectively.  Jersey is a devil in it's own right.
Ditto Atlanta on some lonesome.  Seattle is but a drive from a Canadian port metropolis.  Denver.  Minneapolis-St. Paul is sandwiched as one big area.
New Orleans.  Detroit.  The city of Oklahoma.  Salt Lake City.  Portland.  Phoenix.  Tucson has enough size to represent Arizona MLS if you ask me.  This could be argued of the like of Toledo, Dayton and Akron someday.  There is some very reachable proximity to bigger towns for those towns.  I speak fondly of San Marcos in this regards to the weekly venues, the footballs, with concerns for Austin and San Antonio.

Soon enough, there may be some affection to speak of in all of this for Las Vegas and Louisville.

And now for some visual pleasure, after throwing your brain around. energy efficiency scorecard 2015 knows the mark of a big town
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