Monday, May 30, 2016

Personal Favorite Exponential Expansion Team Schemes

And these are the current favorites out of my many unconventional musings throughout my blog pages.

North Country Baseball for Canada.  Played in Vancouver and Montreal.  40 games each. 
West Coast A's.  And this is the Athletics splitting time between Portland and Las Vegas.  I'm not even sure that Oakland should be in the picture.  What about San Jose?  Or even Sacramento?
Florida Marlins, again.   So, no more Tampa-St. Pete.
California Angels again,'s your share, Sacramento.

Ya' know what, a Southland Band brand could play from Charlotte, thru Nashville to Memphis and New Orleans, if you think about it.

Southlakes Fisherman NHL team in Atlanta
Great Lakes brand hockey in Milwaukee and Cleveland.  Sometimes in Indy and Cinci.
West Coast brand for Seattle, Portland and sometimes Vegas and Anchorage.
East Coast Whalers in Hartford again, and then Hampton Roads.

Norde Force, NFL Canada's team that camps throughout CFL Canada.
Kentucky Downs

Louisville Stallions?
Ohio Flights in Dayton
West Coast Clippers with some time docked in San Diego and Seattle instead of doubled up around Hollywood.

Appalachia United Bootleggers
Some "Divided" logo imagery?
Think of a Teamsters or Local Union Workers emblem.  They look like NASCAR racers alright.
Texas Divided in San Marcos, Texas.
Ohio Divided in Cinci or Dayton and either Cleveland or Toledo.
Arizona United in Tucson.
West Coast Diamond Club shared with Vegas instead of just another LA team.
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