Sunday, April 24, 2016

All in a Name: Great Lakes Megaloppers

I have blogblabbed about possible good names (relevant names) that could evoke pride correlating with a region.  And with my regional theme, I have dreamed of a mult-node place of play tag-team-towns scheme.

For soccer, I've thought of a team called Great Lakes SC.
And hockey had me first thinking about such a brand.  Cleveland and Milwaukee line the lakes and have a hockey showing.  Columbus has a lock on Ohio now and Chicago is butt up against its northern beer neighbor, so my solution was simple with tagging one team between the cities of Milwaukee and Cleveland under the name of Great Lakes.

But while I'm at it, why stay just there?  Indianapolis and Cincinnati are certainly future markets.  In the meantime, why not at minimum make them preseason stints under the Great Lakes name to help the cities buy into the brand?  And the farm teams in all of the mentioned cities can still co-exist all the same.  That's 4 new NHL cities with one team.

Certainly before the Florida Panthers playoff contention, I've beat some drums about that team moving elsewhere.  Ditto for the ugly Coyotes, who in theme, I'd like to become the West Coast Coyotes and share with the likes of Portland and/or Seattle.  But it looks like the NHL wants some wisdom in dropping anchors instead of Vancouver Grizzlies after their southern capital Thrashers fiasco.

But anyway.
There were a few names I have been toying with for the regional brand.  Yep, in relation to the sport's birth to the international coast of Canada, a South Coasters, or plainly "Coasters" or [stealing the name] North Coasters team name would be good.  I've even thought of a team named North Coast playing part-time in the Dakotas and Wisconsin or even Idaho.  North Shore or South Shore is a thought.

Great Lakes Alliance or United has more of a soccer ring to it.  Lakers seems taken in American hearts.  I've even fancied a Yankees hockey brand if the likes of Steinbrenner braved such a bold and trailblazing investment in the idea of a multinodal playing regional team.  "Fleet" has a body of water notion to freeze over.
Armada is good too.

The Great Lakes Megalopolis includes the likes of Blackhawks and Sabres country.

Look at the possibility: 
East Coast Whalers of Hartford and Hampton Roads

Omaha-Dakota Diesel NHL Team

Southlakes Fishermen

Midlakes Mustangs  

West Coast Coyotes in Las Vegas! or share them with Portland and/or Seattle, ditto Anchorage 

To lop somebody is to chop somebody.  

Go Megaloppers!

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