Thursday, April 14, 2016

Franchises. They're Sports FRANCHISING. Brands in Sports

And the question is, is this more important than your town?

What if the NBA has advertisements on player jerseys?

In Little League, aka Knothole, I had Colonel Sanders's face on the back of my jersey.  Glad to have the jerseys and not pay for them.  Before people ate some chicken in town, they could wait by looking at one of the development teams with the town or neighborhood's name on the front.

I can't tell you how to feel.  How do you feel about seeing Coca-Cola on the Cincinnati Reds some day?  Personally, I feel cheap seeing a product association with my town when I'm trying to root on a guy.  I don't care if guys are getting rich off of Coke in Atlanta.  Or employed by them for that matter.  I try not to remember that the millionaire on the field is illiterate, although likely a hard worker.  And making millions.  I suppose that's why I watch a hell of a lot less sports than I did.  The older, the less I do.  Ballerina wrist flips of the bat at the plate or gyration Too Live Crew dances after expected results are made.  Oh well.  The Reds are HERE.  Coke is EVERYWHERE. 

Would it change your mind to see non-profits on jerseys?  What about Charities?  What about ones in which the executive officer in the charity doesn't live 2,000 times more monetarily than you do?

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  1. The bummed out 76ers now how StubHub tatooing them.