Monday, September 5, 2016

East Coast Brands in Norfolk


It can work at least part-time.

I've bloggblabbed about them before.

A great team can be based there.
First to mind is the old Hartford Whalers, but we'll split time between Connecticut and Virginia for the East Coast Whalers.

What about Baseball?  Um, well, 3's a crowd near the O's and Nats.  And Charlotte doesn't even sport MLB.  Some 300 miles between the Hampton Roads and Charlotte areas could be enough to bounce a team back and forth as a camp under the name of East Coast.  Could Jacksonville, even Buffalo, or a team two in Boston be part of it?  Puerto Rico?

Do I have a little ditto thought for the NFL?  Any more stretches like an Eastern brand with Louisville, or splitting up the Jacksonville franchise with Virginia's bay.

In MLS, I could see a Sea Legs team bouncing around Jacksonville (to oppose Orlando) or Miami to take for an East Coast themed brand.  Or what about a Bootleggers brand of Appalachian theme shared with Nashville and/or Charlotte-Raleigh?

But NBA and NHL seem the fit.  Who would the Norfolk area share time with in the NBA?

It's a good exercise for the mind.
What are your ideas?

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