Sunday, September 11, 2016

Track and Field. A Major League in America. Post Collegiate

I believe there are two venues that could catapult America in terms of equality in the sexes.  I'll get to that.

Sport has worked wonders for race relations, at least in terms of attitude, save for some geographic or monetarily elite sports, arguably hockey, golf and car racing, ....and save for the amount of Whoopi Goldberg Rasta impressionists that adorn our one-percentage 70 plus percentage leagues.  The colosseum in our division culture is finally being aggravated amidst distractions from inequality, like legal gambling by banks and passive income abuses of the highest and lowest class.  But I digressed.  Sports is sports.  It's hard to argue production and contribution.

What about Volleyball and Track & Field?

The WNBA has success.  But the NBA had its anchors in place long before any agendas.  There are no super male leagues going on outside of the Olympics and college ball for volleyball and the olympics.  And that's not supercharged in all of our minds but for every four years.  So, to the point, I think the leagues can grow in viewership, equal-share.  There could even be a culmination of co-ed or equal-blending.

Grassroots is in place, especially for gals volleyball and track all across American high schools.
Track is an individual or relay sport.   Tennis can kind of be like that.

I've jibberjabbered about a growing sixth sport.  NASCAR.  or.  Lacrosse.   Would cricket be picked up in America outside of a few Indian transplants in some parks?

Maybe one day we will be a collectively unified culture more prone to beer races afoot and danceoffs at that bar than some UFC impersonations with beer bravery and gangsta gat blasts.  I don't know about you, but as an adult male adulting, I only go to the gym if I can think in terms of production for a sport.  I'll run, but I better see me getting fast or lift weights and get some bat speed.  A nice butt is nice but we are a production minded society.  I think.

I'm sorry I've only been doing sexy on the blog.  It's my blog and I want my eyeballs happy. We're all different.  Don't be spectators all of the time and watch people get fed to the lions and be told what you're seeing all the time.  Don't let others distract you from the bottom line all the time.
Don't jump on me about exploitation and showing sexy in the society where we gamble with head trauma in the very physical sense.
But anyway, I'd love more T&F viewership.  Club Cinci racing.
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But just in case.
I know it takes all kinds.------>

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