Sunday, August 28, 2016

Raider Chatter again for Sin City

Every time the Raider organization flaunts with a move, the thoughts of San Antonio and Las Vegas pop to mind.  And with my geography mind contortions, I can see something for Louisville, Oklahoma City, Portland or Austin in my lifetime.  But anyway.......Las Vegas:

Well,....Merry Xmas
And now that Nevada is to be hockey crazed butted up against another resort in Arizona, they're ready to go big or go home with more big leauges.  Not many more places better to have visitors pay, perhaps 'unnoticeably more, to chip in on tantalizing infrastructure to house another oasis of entertainment.  Another easy excuse for an easy road trip.

How to Compete Small Markets like Oakland up Against the likes of Giants

D-League expansion in Chicago

Think environmentally:  Multipurpose.

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