Sunday, September 11, 2016

NASCAR is a Spectacle I suppose. More Venues?

Is it even feasible in the current market?
Likely not.
Or it'd be happening.  If there's money and business to be made..., well, you know.

Okay, geography nerds, here's a map.  Love wikipedia.
I know I know, this is a sixth sense or a sick sense in arguing the big five brands or sports, but it's competition.

Strictly in terms of distance, voids and density, what do you think?

See a pull between Cleveland and Pittsburgh for a spot to be had in rubberized Akron or Youngstown?
A pilgrimage at or near Denver or Cheyenne?  Salt Lake City?
What about Spokane or Eugene?
Or Santa Fe Express?
Some stimulus for Mississippi or Louisiana.

I can definitely see Walmart and Little Rock.
The Minni north of St. Paul.
What about Boise?  What about a blue track?
Some more inland empire?
Pensacola just has that locale and ring.
Columbus, Ohio has some intersecting highways.
Is St. Louis ready again with their gaping void of gatherings?
A lot in Canada

Some day.
Whose next for a NASCAR venue?

Is there more multi-use stadia conversation to be had after the Bristol college football matchup?

Above article has good ambiance with Sturgis and the Dakota.

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See way more talk of expansion, co-location and relocation of franchises for the

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