Saturday, April 1, 2017

Major Leaguer Heaven

Ballah in Valhalla.  Whatever ya' call it.
Imagine the simulator that could arouse or evoke the most from ya'.  Okay, maybe not virtual reality yet, but let's go with a video game.

Imagine playing a baseball game.  At anywhere.  Anytime.
Pete Rose on the same field as Shoeless Joe.  You want that at Crosley, Commisky, Riverfront, or Vegas under the modern lights?  The Babe at Fenway.  Which year?  That cornfield in Iowa. 

Another virtual major league.  Pele up against whoever else is a great footballer.

What pairings or All-Star squads would you intermix?  Would you name your team?  Where would you play the game?  Would you do an all-time hometown team?  Would all players in the history of
the game be available?  Okay.  Yes.  Would this be an entirely online game and updated as such?
Yes, Bo Jackson's Baseball

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