Friday, March 10, 2017

Will there be a Sims Baseball.....if not MLB The Show Video Game Expansion Option ???

MLB The Show by Brian Mazique contributing for Forbes:
[What's Still Missing]
There's still no option to relocate teams or to add expansion teams. NBA 2K and Madden have added one or both of the options, but The Show has yet to take that step. Some may be reading this and thinking: "the game isn't even out yet, how can you be critiquing a mode?"
It's simple. It's safe to say those features won't be included in this year's game because if they were, it would have been revealed at this point. As we sit just three weeks away from launch, I assure you relocation or expansion will not be in MLB The Show 17.
Some fans are pure traditionalists. They only want to play with the real major league baseball teams, but a large portion of us would love the option to locate and create expansion teams with the same create-a-team suite used in Diamond Dynasty.     - - -

Wouldn't a Sims future MLB feature addition be FANtastic?  Imagine if cities like Indianapolis, Memphis, New Orleans, Nashville, Louisville, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Montreal and Portland ..or even Honolulu had a way to lego up their stadium choices.  ... I mean, well, you know, the fans thereof?

The gamers could solicit free architectural graphics from firms wanting their name to get out there even bigger and better.....from any number of cities, to include Mexico City, Monterrey, Berlin or London.  At least let fans pick their favorite parts of existing ball parks and play puzzle Picasso with their wishes.
Would ya' name it the Pines of Portland?

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