Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What about Two NHL teams for Canada's Pop. Three ... Plus the Quebec Bulldogs ???

Now, I'm neither credentialed as, or pretending to be a Canadian cultural enthusiast or hockey fanatic.  I just throw out my two cents.

But word has been out for awhile that Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver could support a second NHL team with ease.  Hockey is blood in Canada.  The studies and claims are out there, ... University of Toronto etc and so forth.  Go get 'em.

There was a team in ancient NHL history called the Quebec Bulldogs.  I wonder if the fans would go for that, or would they feel a more nostalgic appeal for Nordiques and Expos?

Could there be 3 or 4 second teams in NHL Canada?  

I mean, I know there is a big expansion drive to put more NHL on the map to grow the sport, so it really won't happen for a long long time, but it's fun to think about.

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