Friday, March 3, 2017

Awesome leagues yet to be seen

I have posts dedicated to these ideas going a little while back, but these are the leagues I want to see.

And in the next 50 years, for the big five leagues, we could see a minor league farm team dedicated to each team.  I'd also love some kind of lady counterpart.    

Minor League Football (stop mocking the College in college football)
Not enough junk in the trunk // too compact
Pacific Pro League is starting 2018.  NFL Europe wasn't so very hot.  I think a ladies league of flag football would be nifty enough.  I'd prefer those gals in track suits more so than sporting lingerie in a big stadium super setting.

The WNBA is on track.  Wouldn't you say?

Women's Major League Baseball                
              corresponding to their MLB brother clubs

Women's Major League Soccer

Women's Club Hockey teams corresponding to NHL.   And when volleyball explodes........

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