Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Next Second Team City

Is it Dallas?  Is it Chicago?
What about Toronto in the NHL?

A second NBA team in Chi-town?

Are the leagues going to expand their footprint before doing such a thing anymore?
....Well, Los Angeles, the second largest market, having had no NFL teams for 20 years, got two more.  The Rams didn't move to Portland or the Chargers didn't move to Toronto, now did they?

I don't think so, but....
If so anyway:
     NBA:  Chicagoland Flights
NFL:  Chicagoland Troops
     MLB:  New England Colonials (Boston)
MLS:  Chicago Blue ....Chippers
     NHL:  West Coast Ghosts (San Fran)
But it's really, and rightfully going to be Toronto.

Just some thoughts:  Boston and Chicago rule their states in a clear monopoly.  There's argument in Texas, Pennsylvania and California for their megacities.  So, before doubled up Dallas for another team, there'd be the San Antonio area.

What cities are your choices for seconds?  Sizeable areas (including some twin towns) are the Bay, D.C./Baltimore, Philadelphia and Dallas.  A Philly American League and Dallas National League squad in the future?  Not far from each other is an area in central Texas comprised of Austin and San Antonio.  Austin will get NHL before Houston, right?  San Marcos is a small city in between the two.  Is some kind of football team a good place to tailgate there as a weekly venue?
So much to talk about.


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