Saturday, October 8, 2016

Which City in the West, if Montreal gets Expansion nod in the East?

In the east, your first thought might be Montreal and Charlotte.

Given population and television market, I'd go with Portland.  I wish Sacramento would split time with Anaheim for the California Angels rebirth.

I'm okay with the A's and Rays departing.  I'm all for the Florida Marlins part-timing in Tampa Saint Pete, and the Rays becoming something in Charlotte.  And then we can fight over the future of east baseball being in Indy, Louisville or Nashville sometime.

But what out west?
Portland, Vegas,....or even San Antonio in the west?
 Are fringe cities in mind for the somewhat distant future like Oklahoma City, Omaha, New Orleans or Salt Lake City?  Havana?  Plenty of these options have been discussed throughout the blog.

Can we do something unconventional like splitting the A's with Vegas?  San Diego-Monterrey Padres?  South Coast Rays in New Orleans.  East Coast Rays with Charlotte?

With market realities, like television revenue and stadium costs, can't we do something unconventional?

Texas Rangers in the Alamodome about 300 miles south of their mainstay.

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