Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What New NBA Cities? With your Heart. And try with your Head.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has the guess I'm about to say.  Just check the galactic wide web:
And I mean, "new now".  So,....... like a Seattle again.

The next NBA expansion will be Louisville.  And Seattle.  Maybe it'll take awhile.  But yeah.
Is Las Vegas an argument in the west?  Will they put that arena in double-time mode?

What east?
You have some major league cities like St. Louis, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh without.
Westerly you have:  Mariners Country.  Padres Pais.

But doesn't West Coast Warriors have a ring to it?  I know the San Fran area could hold two teams alone.  But wouldn't it be nice for San Diego to have a share in the Golden State?  Selfish vanity of L.A. .  West Coast Clippers?  The name West Coast Warriors could split time in Las Vegas.  Even Boise bouncing for a stretch.

What about some unconvention?  What about an East Coast Flights team housed in Cincinnati as well as Pittsburgh.  Okay, maybe not them.  But, somebody...and Norfolk?  What with that newer arena in Kansas City?  A relationship like the KC-Omaha Kings again?

What are your thoughts?
Merry Christmas, ya' Meat Zombies

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