Monday, August 1, 2016

Screwing things up: The Orioles CAN'T be just Baltimore ever more

And this city pops into mind because of its proximity to the Nationals now.  And I just enjoy scenarios.  What if?  What if you had to?

What if Baltimore had to share the Orioles?
I've harped on this notion of proximity to other teams with the Giants and A's being in the Bay.  And if you've read my posts and I've suggested something like the Athletics should also play in a home "camp" park in Las Vegas and rebrand themselves as the West Coast A's.  And yes, this notion would be a good thing, especially given the stadium situation, with Tampa.  I think the Marlins should split time there.

And so how would I do such a thing with Baltimore?
What if they shared the Orioles with Charlotte?  And what would they be called?  Could you think the East Coast Orioles?

Is Charlotte the only other thought option?  There's Buffalo, Atlantic City and Hartford I guess.  Maybe even Jacksonville.  There would be a bolder time in Puerto Rico.  Baltimore-Indiana Railroad Orioles?

Got any ideas floating around in your brain box?

Political parrots and monk keys ruining a baseball game for fans so they couldn't be in the stands.
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